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To do a pen & ink or pencil sketch like the one on the right, usually would take me several hours. Using PotoScape this took me about 20 seconds. Below are Three Photo program which are free. I like them as good as Photoshop. They do take donations, I always send a couple of dollars to help them upgrade them but it is not necessary. You will be amazed at what you can do with your 2020 photos that you save as a jpeg. The more I could enhance my work, the easier it is to close the deal. It's amazing how many filter there are on these Downloads.You can make

your design look like a watercolor or oils or pen & ink etc.etc.

Notices!! When downloading these programs always read what you are downloading. Otherwise you may download stuff that you may not want.

Download        Here

Open your photo in PhotoFiltre

And with some small adjustment you will have a pen & pencil,Color pencil.etc.

From this         To       This in second

City of New Orleans - Willie Nelson
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