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I just got back to the hotel from your all day training for Bertch Cabinet. I thanked you on the way out but somehow it just doesn't seem like enough. The wealth of knowledge you have shared with us has instantaneously made a change in my future. I am convinced that thru hard work and sharing of information, I too can be a 20/20 professional. What impresses me as well is that someone with your amazing talent can stay so grounded. You are professional yet friendly and casual. I look forward to visiting your web site on a regular basis and hopefully, soon, be able to contribute new concepts and/ or techniques. I also look forward to another of your training sessions in the near future.

Joseph A. Santos, Jr.

Senior Design Consultant

Sullivan & James Kitchen Design

Here I took a line drawing

from 2020 and brought it

into Photoshop.I use the

filter pen & ink. It gives it that

free style drawing look.

6 (5).jpg

Galley 1

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