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Hi I'm Michael

Wecome to InstantReality.

I bring over 50 years of design experience to the industry. Being on your side of the table for most of those years, I understand your needs and have created an innovative way of teaching 2020. I train using real-world scenarios in design. My training is not typical textbook training,but allows you to understand and use the tools to your advantage.

I offer both corporate and private training and seminars in 2020 design. I also offer design consulting.

Besides showcasing my work, my web page offers valuable information for all in the kitchen ,bath & design industry.

There is no such thing

     as a tough design

   only good Solution

InstantReality     Tel: 401 596-3984

18 Crestview Drive

Westerly, RI 02891



We at InstantReality honor our firemen, policemen,  and all of our troops

and people from all countries who are fighting for freedom around the world.

Brave men and women, heroes all, in our book.

USS Seawolf SSN (575)

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